Please provide easy access for our service techs. Gates should be unlocked and entry ways should be clear of obstructions. Unfriendly dogs must be secured for the time it takes to service the  pool. If for any reason, we do not have access, we will be unable to return and no reduction in the monthly fee will be issued. For safety purposes, we suggest everyone leave the pool area during service.


We take every precaution to keep your dog in your backyard. However, if your dog attempts to get our when you open your gate, they probably will do the same with us. Therefore, we cannot assume responsibility for your dog getting out. Our service tech will not enter your yard if you have an unfriendly dog that is not contained.

Service Record

A service record will be kept on your premises, usually inside the timer box by the filter. Our service tech will log the date and time he was there. There are circumstances, such as heavy rains, that will prevent the sign-in added to your pool. This is a standard recommendation for most forms of pool chemicals.


If your pool has algae, it will be cleared up at no extra charge, as part of our service. This is provided your filter is working correctly. Because some types of algae are more resistant than others, please allow a reasonable period to completely eradicate it. Black algae must be brushed often with a stainless steel wire brush. It will turn gray as it starts to die and will eventually disappear. Keeping the pool clean and properly filtered will aid in the treatment of algae. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY CHEMICALS OR ALGAECIDES TO YOUR POOL as this can cause inaccurate test results and lead to other problems. We do not store any chemicals at the pool site. Our service tech will complete all necessary testing and add any required chemicals during each weekly service visit.


On the first visit, the service tech will perform numerous tests on your water, including a test of your Conditioner. Conditioner screens out ultraviolet rays and prevents the sun from taking chlorine from your pool water. Without it, sunlight will take the chlorine out almost as fast as it is added. Once added, it stays permanently as part of your pool water and does not evaporate or dissipate. Conditioner is only lost when water is lost through leaks, splash outs, water overflow, etc. If the conditioner level is under 100ppm, we will raise it to the proper level.


We replace 10 lbs. of conditioner a year after start-up. If you go over the 10 lbs., you will be billed at $2.00 per lb. If for any reason you need to empty your pool (or lower the level), you will be billed to re-condition the water.

Pool Covers

Your pool cover should be pulled off on service day. Our service techs are instructed to leave the pool uncovered upon completion of service. The cover should remain pulled back for at least three hours after service. We recommend that your pool be uncovered at least 50% of the time. A pool that is covered all of the time lacks adequate oxygen which can cause chemicals to react abnormally and result in the pool's water chemistry being out of balance and / or eye irritation. Frequent removal also helps to prolong the life of your cover.

Service Days

Our service is performed 50 weeks a year, Monday through Friday, including most holidays. We are closed Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, and we will not service under hazardous weather conditions. Your pool address will determine what your weekly service day will be. Your service day usually stays the same unless it is a holiday week, there is a route change, or some extenuating circumstances.

Billing and Late Fees

We bill in advance and payment is due on the 15th of the service month. There is a $2 late fee for payments received after the 15th.

Start-Up Fees

There is a $15 start-up fee due prior to starting your service. If, for any reason, you have to drain your pool, there is a $15 re-start fee.

Office Hours

Our office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The voice mail is checked regularly after hours and on weekends, so please feel free to leave a message with your contact information, along with reason for the call. Billing questions will be returned on the next business day. Any urgent technical calls will be returned at all times.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Due to the possibility of damaging, our service personnel are not allowed to remove your pool sweep from the water. Please follow the recommendations from the manufacturer concerning your pool sweep when chemicals are added.


Our service is year-round. We do not service pools on a part-time basis. Therefore, with few exceptions, most cancellations are permanent. However, we do allow for repairs and will put your service on hold for up to 30 days. Please call our office to notify us when repairs are scheduled.

Policy Questions

If you have any questions regarding the policies, or would like to obtain a copy in writing; please contact us, and would be happy assist. Phone (727) 945-POOL or click on the Contact Us page.


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